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How do I set up a Group Discussion for Grading, by Group?

Question asked by Michael Maguire on Oct 14, 2017
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I've gone through the Canvas guides, looked at the "Assignment" and "Grades" details - including SpeedGrader - and I remain stuck!

Students in my course are assigned to a semester-long small group project.  One way I'm tracking progress is requiring - and grading (as "Complete/Incomplete") a weekly group Discussion Forum submission.  Therefore, it shows up in Canvas under both "Discussions" and "Assignments."  As an "Assignment," it is set up as a group assignment.

Only one member of a group is required to submit a post to the weekly Discussion Forum (any group members can submit, too).

I just went to SpeedGrader to grade the assignment.  In SpeedGrader, only the individual student who submitted a post to the Group Discussion Forum is having their grade ("Complete"/"Incomplete") recorded.

I went back to this "Assignment" to see if I could edit it in a way that it was set up as a group assignment (which I had done!). 

  • First issue:  because the Discussion is part of an Assignment, when I try and edit the Assignment (to be sure it's a Group assignment), Canvas defaults to the Discussion edit.  Which is fine, but....
  • Second issue:  when I try and edit "Assign..." and go to the drop-down for "Assign to...," I find an incomplete list of groups and several individual students' names.  Huh?

SUMMARY:  My goal is to have 12 student groups contribute to weekly discussion forums that are graded as "Complete/Incomplete" with the grades for each Discussion being recorded by group - i.e., if a student is in Group A, and I assess Group A's Discussion as "Complete," I want all group members in Group A  to have their grade recorded as "Complete." 

Thanks for any assistance - Michael Maguire - - Faculty Associate, UW-Madison (WI) School of Human Ecology