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Weighting and restricted assignments

Question asked by Kalli Binkowski on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by Kona Jones

Hi there,


I just want to check if this plan for weighted grades will work.


Two course sections are in the same site.  One is a lecture the other is lecture plus lab.  The gradebook has a lecture assignments group weighted for 2/3 of the grade and a lab assignments group weighted for 1/3 of the grade.  (66.66 and 33.33%; I figure Canvas can work out where the remaining 100th goes.  Wish I could put in fractions.) Everything in the lab assignment group is assigned only to the Lecture+lab section.


So if the plan works, the lecture+ lab section will have their grades weighted 2/3 lecture and 1/3 lab.  The Lecture section will have no scores in the lab assignment group so it will be removed from their calculations and their grade will be based entirely on the 2/3 lecture portion of the gradebook.


Does this sound right?  Do you foresee any problems?