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Cannot find a course I was recently added to

Question asked by Edward Callahan on Oct 19, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by Stefanie Sanders

A colleague recently added me to a course so that I could import it to my own Canvas shell.  I was told that Canvas would send me an email inviting me to the course.  However, I have received no such email.  I have tried searching for the course in the Commons, and only two of that instructor's courses are visible, both of which are not the course I need.  I'm getting extremely frustrated because your guides do not provide any answers and are written using terminology I am unfamiliar with.


I need to find this course and import it because I've agreed to teach a fast track course which opens on October 30 and need to time to set things up.


Can you help me?  How do I find the course which the teacher has added me to?  Where do I look for the invitation email because it is NOT in my email at all.