Jennifer Lynn

Respondus, QTI packages, and the Quizzes LTI

Discussion created by Jennifer Lynn on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by Jennifer Lynn

Has anyone used Respondus to generate QTI zip files for importing into item banks in the new Quizzes LTI?

The process is different from that used to import QTI packages into the old quizzes (which could be done directly using Respondus' Publish Wizard, and worked well). I have followed the directions in the new user guide, but the Quizzes LTI is rejecting the zip files that Respondus is producing.

Is anyone generating QTI zip files some other way? The ones I have produced using an online GIFT to QTI converter have been working, just not the ones Respondus produces.

I would like to share ideas about this. Hopefully the Quizzes LTI will eventually include an option for importing properly formatted text files into item banks, rather than QTI zip files.