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Linking between courses, a good idea - Yes or No?

Question asked by Dearne Willing on Oct 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by Sam Denniston

Hi there

I have had a request from a teacher to create a qualification Home course and then use this Home course to link out to separate courses. The separate courses would be each individual units of the qualification. I thought I would ask this group if anyone sees any implications with this setup.


From my mock-up of this design the links worked well from one course to the other, since the user would be logged into Canvas they would access the other courses ok. Some units are included within other qualifications, so I can see how this design would work linking to other courses/units from other qualifications Home courses. Also, only updating unit content once and have it flow through where the unit/course is linked.


Canvas’s test Student View does not allow viewing another course linked to the course previewing student view. I tested my mock up with a demo student and all looked ok.

My concerns were the student and teacher experience with this set-up. With teacher/student education and induction students could remove the unit/individual courses from their Dashboard and only access via the Home course.


Our RTO have been utilising Blueprints successfully for many courses, however; this situation requires further customised features that Blueprints do not allow currently, e.g. selecting items from a Blueprint to sync (currently the whole course syncs). 

Does anyone see any implications of the course design or have linked between courses?