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Easy to Use Excel Alternatives

Question asked by Kevin Wright on Oct 24, 2017

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, 


I'm a content provider who publishes material via Canvas. Originally our organization believed that having excel spreadsheets was something high school students would be able to easily work with but we are finding that many simply haven't had exposure before taking our course. By default, this also rules out google sheets. It's a fifteen chapter financial education course so we don't have the time to teach excel basics to students before they begin. 


What are the alternatives students can use to perform intermediate level algebraic financial calculations? If it's in Canvas and students don't have to download anything that would be best. My best idea so far has been to create tables for the students with blanks in them where their answers will go, and have them perform the calculations by hand or with a calculator. But that simply won't work for everything. 


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