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SIS importing issue for classes with multiple due dates

Question asked by Scott Kniefel on Oct 24, 2017
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I am new to Canvas, but I am pleased with what I have found so far.  The one issue that I have (that no one on my local level can seem to solve) has to do with the SIS importation into my grade book.  I have a class that I have combined all three sections and we have a rotating block schedule so that the classes meet on different days.  If I set an assignment up with a due date that is the same for all of my classes, I have no issue with my assignments and grades importing into my grade book.  If I set different due dates for submission on an assignment, it fails to import the assignment and grade into the grade book.


I like the feature of setting different days so that students who miss the class can log on at home and clearly see what assignments they are missing, so. . . . is there a trick I need to know to get the system to import these assignments?