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Enrollments API that filters on CourseRole and also returns course details

Question asked by Glen Parker on Oct 25, 2017
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I'm looking for an API call that will return all courses for a given user, where I can filter the results based on course role, and the results include information (course_code, sis_course_id, name, etc) of each course.    So far I've found two API's that each give me half what I'm looking for, but I'm hoping I'm missing something and a complete soution exists.


So far, 

/users/sis_user_id:U83119125/courses  gives me basic course info (but not sis_course_id...), but it doesn't support a filter on courseRole.



works great to give me just courses for a Student, but I only get back the Canvas Course ID, and nothing more about the course.


Is there a flag, options, API I'm missing that will give me the best of both worlds without needing to Loops over the results one way ot the other?


Thanks, GLen