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Roll Call Attendance - Absences/Tardies as Penalty

Question asked by Michael J Barnes on Oct 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by Brett Sellars

First a little background:  I'm wading through waters trying to find answers as I'm part of a testing group our university is in the process of converting to Canvas from Blackboard.  I'm also writing a journal of the experience to encourage faculty before the total conversion.  Thus, I am posting a few more questions than the average person.  


First of all, THANK GOD FOR THE ATTENDANCE FUNCTION.  I've bemoaned the lack of this in Blackboard forever.  I had this function in a standalone gradebook program 20 years ago and could never understand why Bb didn't have it--especially since they bought the company that made that software. 


So, the way I have handled attendance in the past (I've worked in a few departments where this is a departmental policy) is that students are allowed a specified number of absences and a specified number of tardies equals an absence. After that, they receive a percentage deduction from their final grade for every subsequent absence.   (ex:  If two absences are allowed, the final grade would drop 10% with three absences, 20% with four, etc.)


For those of us who teach studio-based classes where attendance is mandatory, we expect a certain percentage of time in class before a penalty occurs, which means we tend to think of lack of attendance needing penalization.


Can anyone offer a way in which I can set up Canvas to use the percentage basis of the Roll Call (I'm guessing it will be using the weighting function) so that it could have the same outcome?