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Discussion created by NU-Michael Dice on Oct 26, 2017
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Offering the various colors and the options to modify is a move in the right direction, but as is -- these colors will be disorienting.


LATE: Changing from Pink to Green is not only going to confuse users used to the pink, but Green is also misguiding as it's a positive or affirming color elsewhere in a Canvas and related technologies. RECOMMEND: Keep Pink.

MISSING: I trust assignments will only appear missing if they're past a due date. Otherwise, I'm not sure how this works. Color wise, pink is confusing b/c is used to mean late. RECOMMEND: A darker pink given it's the next stage after Late, which should remain pink.

RESUBMITTED: Perhaps blue would work for this...As is, it's too close to Missing.

DROPPED: Keep the light gray that is in the current grade book. 

EXCUSED: Keep the EX and light gray. Adding additional colors is a serious overload here.