Jawahar Ravana

Missing attribute in canvas data: is_assignment_group_weights_active in a course

Discussion created by Jawahar Ravana on Nov 2, 2017

canvasdata composition - additional data element needed:

As a part of feature engineering process when I looked into canvas data for assignment groups and their weights for a analysis. I found that even though some courses have created assignment groups in their course (either with/without group weights) they haven't "applied or activated" the assignment group weighting policy in their course.


Canvas data either in the course_dim or the assignment_group_fact doesn't have this attribute, that specifies whether a assignment weighting scheme is active in the course. I also found that info regarding activation flag is available in one of the canvas API's with attribute name "apply_assignment_group_weights". As canvas data mostly reflects API's data more or so, Is this attribute available in some other canvas data table? If not then addition of this attribute would be an essential missing part in assignment_group_fact.