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Canvas Data: Missing Data in score_fact and submission_fact

Discussion created by Jawahar Ravana on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by Sam McKnight

Continuing with my previous post link, while doing feature engineering for an analysis. I find that data points in score_fact -> current_score & final_score are not reflecting the actual Grade book scores for students in the course. 


Looking little deeper into finding any missing patterns. I see some patterns like courses that have assignment group weighting scheme activated and have literally some associated group weights to them are showing up in score_fact with relatively latest grade book scores. But for the rest of the courses that don't have group weights are not showing any grade book scores for students, they usually be _nothing_ or 0.00. I don't know if this is case for all courses but I looked at a small subset of students and their courses.


Also in the process of finding other ways around to get grade book scores; looking into the submission_fact for scores of individual student submissions and scores. I see the same pattern again even though the grades where published for the assignments in those courses long ago I see records of them in the table but the data points in score attributes are empty.


I think previously grade book scores were carried in with enrollment_fact but on Jan-28/17 migrated to score_fact. Is this an already known issue? or something wrong with ETL's processing & populating these table or am I missing something to get this data.


Anyone in the community worked with grade book scores as a whole/ for individual assignments in canvas data canvasdata see anything similar or receive right data points in the score_fact?