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Images turn to garbled text

Question asked by Kand McQueen on Oct 27, 2017
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I'm having an ongoing, albeit intermittent, issue with images in Canvas.  I am creating a set of pretty elaborate question banks that are used in quizzes, exams, and/or assignments.  I often embed images.  When transferring quizzes/exams, sometimes the images turn to garbled text.  The odd thing is, sometimes they appear to transfer fine, but then will appear garbled several days later.  I've had this happen after a quiz goes live.  I've checked the quiz several days before it becomes available with all looking fine, had it go live, and then had students report seeing garbled text.  When I've gone back to check, I can see the garbled text instead of the image that was there a few days before


I'm thinking about loading my images to an image hosting service instead of in my personal Canvas account.  Has anyone had any experience with doing it this way?  Any suggestions?