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Early Alert - Effective Data & Practices

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At my institution we are preparing to implement early alert software (Nuro Retention).  I am part of a group looking at data that should be included in the system, either from our SIS, Canvas, or obtained otherwise.  Reviewing the Community, there are discussions going back quite a while about various early alert programs.  These seem to relate mostly to selecting or integrating the system. 


I am interested in hearing from anyone using any of the early alert systems available regarding the following:

  1. Is there data you found particularly valuable in identifying students at risk of not being retained?
  2. Did you need to change any institutional practices to get information needed to identify and retain students?  For example, I know that we have easy access to midterms grades.  Midterm is likely to late to identify struggling students and have a reasonable chance of helping them recover, so we may need to look at having faculty report grades earlier than midterm.
  3. Has anyone tried using assessment of perseverance, grit, mindset, etc. to identify students who may be at risk of not succeeding?


Any information or insight would be appreciated!