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MyMathLab Gradebook Integration assignment weighting

Question asked by Brian Macon on Oct 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2017 by Brian Macon

I am using MyMathLab integrated within Canvas, and can't seem to solve an issue I am having with the gradebook.


MyMathLab grades import/sync in to Canvas automatically. Love this! However, I am having issues with the point designations. As the assignments import in to Canvas, each point value is being designated based on the number of questions for that assignment. For example if Homework #1 has 27 questions then it is worth 27 points in Canvas, and if HW #2 has 22 questions is is worth 22 points. Of course the gradebook in MyMathLab allows me to weight each individual assignment, which I designate as 5 points for each homework assignment. Within Canvas, when I click to edit the assignment settings, and change the value to 5 points, it doesn't really change the weighting in the gradebook. For example, if a student answered all questions correctly in HW#1, earning 27 points, then the canvas gradebook now shows they have 27/5 = 540% for that assignment. 


I have gone in to MyMathLab to try to change the value of each question on HW#1, making them fractional values so the entire assignment adds up to 5 points, but MyMathLab only allows whole-number values. Ugh. I am stuck. What I don't want to do is rescale ALL of my assignments, and I definitely don't want to have to remove questions to only have 5 of them. The simplest solution here would involve changing a "weighting" of each assignment within Canvas. This is a very simple task if I just keep my gradebook in MyMathLab, but I am trying to avoid manually inputting Canvas grades in to MyMathLab, I would much rather use the automatic sync feature to bring MML grades in to Canvas, but this one issue is making that impossible.