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Engagement/Student Activity Analytics Tools

Discussion created by Joel (Inactive) Brown on Oct 29, 2017
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I had posted this on another discussion but am reposting to seek some wider feedback from the community.


I am interested if anyone has recommendations or ideas around monitoring student activity and engagement. 
I'm looking more at plugins, lti or any third-party service that would allow insight into where students visit the most, what they clicked on in that page how many times they visited the same section, subtopic or video within a page for instance. 
The analytics function of canvas is great for an overall view but doesn't drill down to the content within pages or time spent on a particular quiz question (does it?)


My previous institution had Mixpanel, however, I never got to implement it on any of my courses so I cannot say how effective it was.
If anyone has thoughts on ways to monitor and analyse student behavior within the platform, id love to hear from you. 

I am about to roll out canvas for my new institution and am very keen to monitor how students react and engage with the new platform and, most importantly the redesigned method of delivering content.