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Changes to Help Menu

Discussion created by Jen Millea on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by Stuart Ryan

Hi all


Wondering if you experienced over-writing of the customisable help menu as a result to the changes in support implemented by Instructure?


We were dismayed to find that our carefully customised Help menu was overwritten as a result of the changes in support. It seems odd to me that something that is customisable content, by the user/client, would be overwritten. This happened in business hours, when we were conducting a training session and demonstrating where to get to the Staff Help site. In the middle of the session the link disappeared and was replaced with a different one, with language which we wouldn't use (as we have customised for the Australian/UC environment). 


We have put in a support issue and also escalated it, but apparently this is just the way it is. So that means that any customisation of links, wording, location of items in the help menu can and will be overwritten whenever. While there was information about the change in support arrangements in the release notes, there was nothing to indicate that this would result in the client-customised help menu being overwritten. 


Personally, I think that's not okay. But of course, it is always suggested that we 'go to the community and put in a feature request'. So here I am. Thoughts?