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Problems downloading files from Canvas

Question asked by Michelle Everson on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by Stefanie Sanders

Hi Everyone,


I apologize if there is already a discussion going about this that I am not seeing.


Up until a couple of days ago, I was easily able to add PDF, Word, or PowerPoint files to my course site.  My students could click on the links to these files within particular course modules and the files would automatically download.  I generally don't give my students access to the "Files" section, and, despite this, they had no problems downloading links to assignment descriptions, lecture notes, etc. that we would connect them to within different modules.


Now, all of a sudden, I am seeing that any link I have to a file is NOT automatically downloading when students click on it.  Instead, it redirects students to the File folder area and tells them they DO NOT have access.  Why is this suddenly happening?  Is there a way to easily fix this without having to share the Files section with students?  Again, it was not a problem until just this week, and I'm not sure if there is some new update we are not aware of that is making this happen.  It's going to make it a bit harder for us to share information with our students, especially since we are trying to maintain six different Canvas sites for the various lecture sections for this one very large course.   Plus, I worry suddenly about a deluge of hundreds of email messages from students who cannot access what they need.  This is a course with 1000 students. 


Thank you.