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Are attributes in HTML tags being ignored for some reason?

Question asked by Maria Cristina Berisso on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2016 by Linda Delzeit

I am trying to force more space between a picture and the words that appear to its right, so I initially got into the html editor for the canvas page, and inserted the simple (html5 valid) attribute hspace in the image tag requesting a fixed number of pixels (7). After saving the page, I noticed no difference with before, and got to the HTML editor again to find if I had misspelled something. To my surprise, the full attribute I had inserted was not there any longer, it had been removed. I tried for several minutes to make sure that my typing was correct, but after saving the changes I will have always he same problem. After fighting with this for a few minutes without any success, I decided to do it via "local styles" and included a padding-right of 7 pixels. As nothing was modified in my page, although this time the attribute was accepted by the system (not removed as before). I have tried multiple ways of using styles to force a space (including margins) but with no response from the system, the style I type is just being ignored. Has anyone succeeded with this simple task of adding space? What is the trick? What could I be doing wrong? Are attributes in HTML tags supposed to be ignored?


Thanks for any help and/or guidance.


Cristina (new user)