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file storage/management in Canvas

Question asked by Andrew Boa on Nov 2, 2017
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I have a query with regard to file storage/management in Canvas. I have a site which was set up about 2 months ago (with no probs whatsoever), but which I recently updated with a single, new hyperlinked pdf file added to a page.


 All hyperlinked “old” material has three opening possibilities (all work fine):

  1. Opens the file by clicking on the link directly (gets the adobe "open with/save" as dialogue box)
  2. The preview the document “in situ” (opens in the canvas web page)
  3. View in another window (in Firefox I get the adobe open with/save as dialogue box again).


The new upload causes problems despite being uploaded in exactly the same way as the others from within the relevant canvas site itself.


For options 1 and 3 the file appears not to be found initially (certainly no open/save dialogue box), then the browser moves to what seems to be a common file store page (something like MyName/Files), not the Canvas site I was in, and when it is eventually found and loads within the browser - in the same format one sees in line files in Box. Option 2 does not work at all.


Hovering the cursor over the new file link shows the file is not associated with the canvas site (like the others /courses/12345/files)) and therefore I fear student cannot access it.


How can I resolve this problem, and avoid in the future.