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Issues Regarding a 1 Question Essay Quiz

Question asked by on Nov 3, 2017
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One of our Canvas courses started about a week and a half ago and I just came across an issue with one of our quizzes. One of our quizzes is a 1-question quiz with the question being an essay question, with only one submission allowed per student. One of the students accessing the quiz shows the question as multiple choice, with all 4 of the multiple choice answers being 'No answer text provided.'


This question was never multiple choice and we have had about 15 student submissions of their essay. The only weird part about this scenario is the time elapsed for this student's submission is 9 days and 22 hours. 


I know this is a vague description of a problem but I went in to the course an ensured this is an essay question and at no point was it multiple choice. 


Anyone have any idea? Screenshot below of the student's view.