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How do I turn on Differentiated Assignments?

Question asked by Aaron Moore on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2015 by Aaron Moore

I was excited when I read the Canvas Beta Release Notes (2015-05-26) about differentiated assignments, including Assignments, Quizzes, and Graded Discussions. I'm hoping to use Canvas to teach classes to three different age groups; I'll have six classes/sessions in total,  two sections in each of the three age groups. There are some assignments that I might have all students do, but some will only be done by the oldest grade. Right now if I create a quiz or assignment and set due dates only for two of the six sections, canvas automatically sets a "no due date" for the other sections. I'd like to hide the assignment from students in the other sections, not just have "no due date" shown.


I'll be using Canvas on my own, not as part of an institution. My question is, how do I turn on Differentiated Assignments?


I'm also wondering if it might be easier to just set up three classes, one for each grade. If I do this, is it possible to copy assignments or pages or quizzes from one class to another?


Sent in a help ticket, I was told that Differentiated Assignments is not an available feature to Free for Teachers accounts.