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Using Canvas API to find external tool usage

Question asked by Michael Nardell on Nov 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by Peter Love

As Canvas admins we have a need to track external tool usage, getting a report of which courses and, in particular which teachers, appear to be using the external tools, typically enabled at the Account context. For example, if we know that a particular tool has a technical problem or concern, we need to be able to find the teachers to contact about the problem, so they will not be surprised about a maintenance outage, etc.


Initially I thought the LTI Tool Report and/or the External Tool API would be all that would be required (in addition to leveraging enrollment and user data to associate courses-ids to the appropriate Teacher and her email address). However, the External Tool API only seems effective at finding tools in course shells if the tool was installed at the course context. It seems that what I really need to do is query against external tools (to catalog external tools installed at account context) then use the Tabs API(Tabs - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation ) and also the Modules API (Modules - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation ), filtering for items returned of type='external'.  


I am unsure if I am indeed on the right track, or if there is some other API I need to also query against for more complete coverage. Any advice much appreciated. 


Michael Nardell