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Open Enrollment at Sub-Account Level?

Question asked by Greg Noack on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by Greg Noack

I'm looking for a way to allow a teacher of a course to add users from outside of our institution to a course.  Due to our current settings, only admins have this ability.   


For example, in a sub-account we have created for Student Services course shells we have given the teacher role permission to add or remove users.  Due to turning off Open Enrollment at the Account level, only users in our SIS can be added or removed.  Admins do have the ability to add a user outside of our SIS.  We have a course that is used by our Project VITAL department for training of volunteers from the community.  Currently, someone from my department with Admin privileges has to manually add any new users.  We would like to give the Project Vital staff members this ability. 


Has anyone found a work around?  We do not want to turn on Open Enrollment at the Account level, and it can not be turned on at the Sub-account level.