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Restore sub-account

Question asked by Ruslan Makarov on Nov 7, 2017
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Is there a way to restore deleted sub-account ?


For example, response on my deleted sub-account:


{ "id": 131, "name": "CASTLETON STATE COLLEGE", "workflow_state": "deleted", "parent_account_id": 7, "root_account_id": 1, "uuid": "W8jzs3QgzF66Bjj1LG6JhpKrOl64FvubARXrXgkr", "default_storage_quota_mb": 500, "default_user_storage_quota_mb": 50, "default_group_storage_quota_mb": 50, "default_time_zone": "America/Denver", "sis_account_id": null, "sis_import_id": null, "integration_id": null}


It is possible  to change parameter  "workflow_state" to  "activate" using canvas API ?

Thanks for any clarification or help.