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Import Tool Feedback

Discussion created by Nicole S (UCF-CDL) on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2017 by Ira Strauss

This is more of feedback to Canvas rather than a question. We had an instructor contact us about what he felt like were problems with the Import Tool and wanted to notify Canvas. 


He had previously deleted an assignment during the hurricane. He wanted to use it again so he went to Import Content and chose the "select individual content" option. He clicked the quizzes checkbox and he didn't realize that the arrow to the left was the drop-down to see more information, and instead thought that clicking the "Select Content" button would allow him to see the list of quizzes, but instead it imported all of the quizzes


Because of that, many of his quizzes were overwritten. He felt that this process was not very intuitive and that the "select content" button should be worded differently. He felt that it was implying that he was moving on to a next step and not completing the process.


Although we explained how quizzes can be overwritten, he felt it would be better if content was just duplicated. This would prevent him from having to go back and fix his quizzes and gradebook. 


Since this was more feedback, we didn't want to send a feature request yet. We weren't sure if other instructors felt this way as well. If this is something that should be submitted as a feature request, please let us know.