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Integrating Captivate and Canvas, sharing variables

Question asked by F. H. on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by Kenneth Rogers

My team is working on a project that will deliver content using Captivate, and we've run into an intriguing question.


Here's what we envision:


The easy part

  1. Users will access the Captivate module and take a quiz.
  2. Depending on the results of the quiz, they will receive recommendations for specific resources.


The harder part

  1. When they return, a month later, their progress is saved within the Captivate module.


We believe that this requires Captivate to pass variables to Canvas on each visit, and for Canvas to store and return variables back to Captivate on all subsequent visits.


Is this pure folly? Has anyone tried something similar? Can you suggest anyone who might be able to help with this issue?


Thanks in advance!!