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Class OneNote Assignment due date/time fail?

Question asked by Clare Smith on Nov 10, 2017
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I have been able to successfully set up Class OneNote assignments using the Class Notebook plugin connection to Canvas, and it's able to pass through grades, however there appears to be a major flaw unless I'm missing something...


Namely that a student can still edit the OneNote page assignment after the date/time set in OneNote. I also tried updating the Assignment instance within Canvas to set an availability date. The student can still edit after I have graded the assignment also.


This could be a very powerful tool if there is a way to address the above, so I am hoping someone out there has a solution!


On a separate note - the grading is quite limited in that it cannot pick up our own lettered grading scheme in the OneNote display when the teacher is grading - however as long as I change the grading scheme in the Canvas instance, then Canvas does what it should with the grade I enter.