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Andes in Canvas

Question asked by Brett van de Sande on Nov 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2018 by Stuart Ryan

I am one of the developers of the Andes intelligent tutor for introductory physics.  Andes contains over 500 problems and covers most of a standard introductory physics course.  It just provides individual exercises:  there is no textbook or anything else.


We would like to make Andes widely available to users of Canvas, using LTI. 

However, since LTI only provides assignment-level integration, there is a bunch of functionality that I would have to provide myself:

  1. A way for instructors to go through the Andes problem list to construct assignments.  (Existing problem browser here:
  2. A way for instructors to be able to copy over courses from last year so they don't have to start over when constructing assignments.
  3. A way for students to navigate through an assignment.  (Andes only serves individual exercises.)
  4. A gradebook where instructors could view student scores on individual exercises and call up an Andes session for that exercise if they click on a score.  (Since LTI only handles an assignment-level score.)

All of these are pretty standard activities and I am loathe to re-invent the wheel.
What would be the easiest way forward? 

Is there some other way of integrating into Canvas other than the assignment-level LTI integration?


I am rather confused by this whole business because I thought that this kind of functionality (1-4) is precisely what LMS's like Canvas are supposed to provide and yet I am faced with doing it myself.


[This is a heavily revised version of my original post.]