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Google Docs as Assignments within Canvas - How well do they work?

Question asked by Joel (Inactive) Brown on Nov 14, 2017
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I've been looking at ways to use Google docs/drive/sheets etc as our platform for students to complete written assignments without having to download documents or upload documents.


A few things make this a little tricky so id love to hear others feedback on how they use the Google Apps LTI in their course but the two main issues I've had are:


1. When logging in as a student (who has a google account) and selecting Authorise on the google LTI in canvas, the login page that comes up includes the email data for the last person to accessed this document. 
I am confident that this file is not a communal file or group assignment and I've checked that as a student, I cannot amend the original doc, only the copy that is created when I log in as a student.
My concern is that the authorisation stage shows other students information when I don't believe it should.
has anyone else seen this or know if its an LTI issue or perhaps some settings in the document permissions?

Even if a user sets the 'remember my details' option when they log in, surely the next student even they see this screen, they wouldnt be able to access another students gmail account. Remember my details are restricted to the computer being used arnt they? (i hope this makes sense)


2. We cannot elect to use External Tool as well as file submission.
For instance, say an assignment requires a video as well as a completed document, If I set the assignment as an external tool submission, there is no option to include the recorded video.


I did find that I could use both if I set the submission setting as Online and then use the google apps button in the Rich Content Editor to select the document and the video file that I have created and uploaded to google drive. 
My concern with doing this is that we then rely heavily on students being comfortable using google docs and google drive and actually knowing how to upload and share files.
To me, it seems straightforward but from previous experiences, focusing on using any sort of 'new' technology has not always lead to a positive user experience as both my current and previous RTO had a very wide range of age groups and levels of computer literacy within the student body which did lead to an increase in support calls/emails and minor complaints from students due to not understanding different platforms or apps. 
I definitely do not want to have to create a short course on how to use Google Apps when students have come here to study finance. 

Any other feedback on using google apps lti within a course would be greatly appreciated as well