Eric Werth

Quizzes LTI Not Starting for Students

Discussion created by Eric Werth Champion on Nov 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2017 by Kevin Dougherty

I'm relatively new to the Quizzes LTI beta group, so perhaps there is something I missed that someone can point out.  I want to provide training to some of our faculty on the new quiz engine, so created a sample quiz in a sandbox course and enrolled 5 test students.  My intent was to go back and complete the quiz as each student to demonstrate the analytic and moderation functions.

I created the quiz and acted as a student to take the quiz.  When loading the quiz as a student I get a perpetual loading notice.


I can click submit and get a perpetual "loading" notice again.  I tried this with several students both in Chrome (v.61) and Firefox (v.56) with the same result.


I went back to see what was submitted, and when I click on the student "submission" get the same loading notice.


Does anyone else have the same issue or have a suggestion on what I may be able to try differently?