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Quizzes LTI quiz not loading?

Question asked by Eric Werth Champion on Nov 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by Kevin Dougherty

Hi everyone,


Is anyone having trouble with launching quizzes in Quizzes LTI?  I am trying to have test students complete a quiz in the new system so that I can show faculty the analytic features.  I created a quiz and tried to "act" as these students to complete the quiz (as I did with the traditional quiz engine).  However, when I masquerade as a student and try to take the Quizzes LTI, I just get a notification that it is loading but this never stops. I can "submit" the assignment but then it says "auto grading" and "loading" again but nothing ever loads.  I just created this yesterday but it still isn't working today.  I enrolled a real student and had them try to take the quiz to see if acting as a user was creating a problem but it made no difference.


If anyone has a suggestion, it would be appreciated!