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3Play and AST/CaptionSync Interactive Transcripts

Question asked by on Nov 13, 2017
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Hi all,

My institution has partnered with 3Play Media and Automatic Sync Technologies to provide captions for online videos at our university. We would like to take advantage of the interactive transcripts and the overlay that displays the captions on top of the original videos (which I'll call a "caption player" from here on out even though 3Play and AST refuses to use that term) that these services provide. The caption player is of particular importance to me as we need it to provide captions for videos that were created by a third party where the video owner is non-responsive (videos found on YouTube, for example).


It is my understanding that these features rely on Java to work. I don't know how to add Java to Canvas (and I may not have the appropriate Admin privileges to do it myself).


Does anyone here use these features? If so, can you talk me (or one of my colleagues) through the process of making these features available at my institution?


[Removed code snippet that was actually for a different feature from 3Play]



Thanks to anyone who can help.

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