Janet Carlson

Issues with Intern'l Pmts -various gateways

Discussion created by Janet Carlson on Nov 14, 2017

We use Authorize.net as the payment gateway for noncredit offerings in Catalog.  We recently ran into an issue with that gateway being able to accept international credit card payments.  Authorize.net was contacted and assisted us in getting the system "settings" changed in order to accept those payments, but several security features had to be disabled in order for payments to come through...disabling those features was obviously concerning to our finance office!  We also were told that authorize.net would not accept international debit cards.

The particular group of users for the course are based in South America and because their names contain many accent marks and extra symbols, the authorize.net system cannot recognize those characters and thinks that the user name does not match the name on the card, resulting in the charges being declined.

Has anyone else experienced this?  Workarounds?


We have been told that the Cash.net payment gateway would eliminate these limitations.   Would any Cash.net users be able to confirm/deny this information?    What issues might be expect with that gateway vs. authorize.net?


Jan Carlson

Kansas State University-Global Campus