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Help with Python Course

Question asked by Thomas Atkinson on Nov 15, 2017
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I am a first time user and am currently a student taking the Python and Java online basic course.  My computer OS is Windows 10 Home.  I was able to successfully download python 3.6.3 and launched it via "py" [no where in the course material is information or a link to download the correct version of python or how to launch it].  I worked thru all the "Get Started" tasks/examples up to creating a file.  The example shows python 3.5.2 Shell and python 3.6.3 does not show a "menu" at all.  There is no explanation at this point as to how to proceed so I am now stuck and cannot continue.  Unless this situation is resolved, I am left with no option but to cancel the course.  HELP!  I am a former programmer and have 21 hours of college courses in computer science classes.  So far I am not impressed with Canvas or the course.....