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Course Workflow State Changes

Question asked by Daniel Barry on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2018 by Daniel Barry

Is there a way to find out when a course changed states?  I'd like to know when published courses were published if that was possible. 


I'm trying to workout the actual lifespan of courses in Canvas as they may sometimes start and/or end outside of the University's term dates.  So courses in the same semester can have varying durations and consequently varying sums of activity within them.  I'd like to know this information for all courses (over 2,000 this year) so unfortunately Admin Tools would be impractical.


There is nothing in the course_dim of the Canvas data to show when the WORKFLOW_STATE changed, although if it did and the course was concluded I would no longer know when it was published only when it was concluded.  Created, published and concluded datetime fields for each course in the course_dim would solve my problem.