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Handling of completed students in Groups

Discussion created by Hongfu Chen on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by Regina Scott

If my understandings are correct. If a student was in a course and added to a group and was later completed, said student.

1) Are still visible as part of the group from the instructor's point of view

2) Are not visible from other group member's view

3) Cannot access the group for any further activity


However I'm wondering why we are keeping the student's group membership visible from the instructor's point of view at all?

2 complaints I've received

1)Having inactive students (with no "inactive" tag visible in the group management page) would skewer the number when the instructor intent on creating groups of equal number (manually). They often get email after the fact from students who said their group is short one person before realizing the issue.

2)The inactive student is still part of the messaging group when instructor use inbox to message that course group. Completed students in our instance generally meant students who has dropped the course (they are completed instead of removed to keep their grade and activity record if necessary), instructors would inadvertently message students who thought they don't have anything to do with the course anymore, causing confusion.


I'm trying to understand why the decision was made to keep the student in course groups after they've been completed and what sort of adverse effects are there if a completed students are removed from all student groups that they belong to in that particular class. I did some testing with group assignments, group discussion and file upload and the content seems to remain just fine after the group member has been removed.