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Issues with SpeedGrader?

Question asked by JENNIFER HOUGH on Nov 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by JENNIFER HOUGH

I've had a teacher that's received reports about the marks on SpeedGrader acting strange. Here's what she's said: I'm referring to the drop down menu when you are looking at the list of kids for a particular assignment.  It would have an orange dot if they turned it in but not graded yet, green check if it has been graded, and the name would be greyed out if they haven't turned it in.  The issue is, sometimes there will be a green check when it hasn't been graded or the kid never turned it in.  Sometimes there's an orange dot when the assignment HAS been graded.  Weird things like that.

Has anyone else has this issue? I couldn't find anything about it anywhere. Maybe it's just us!