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Unpublish Assignments When I Unpublish in Module

Discussion created by Polly Robinson on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by Kathleen Jayo-Meads

Hi Canvas-ites... 


Perhaps it's just me, but I'm extremely frustrated with the system with regard to what the title says. I make my Canvas home page for students (Community College) the Modules page. I always import from the most recent quarter into my new quarter and then tweak and adjust as times/news/events/pedagogical niftiness occurs. 


The issue I have is that when I import items and am tweaking/adjusting throughout the quarter, if I choose to "turn off" (unpublish) an assignment or item in a Module, that item stays published/visible/a calendar item under Assignments (even with the Assignments page unviewable) and appears in the Calendar. This leads to a sudden influx of panicked emails saying, "Doc, I cannot upload assignment X..." or "Doc, we need more details on assignment X..." and I'm thinking, "WTH, dude? That's not even assigned!"


Then I go back and realize, oh, well, *I* unassigned it, but Canvas requires that I go to two (or four, or six, depending on the number of sections I'm teaching) places and unpublish AGAIN something I turned off weeks earlier.


This is an oft-voiced complained among resistors on our campus, as well as my biggest pet peeve in the LMS.


Anyone else have this issue? How do we fix this? Is Canvas Access-based? Is it not as simple as querying the same on/off information? How do we link the two? Why do we have to turn/disable/unpublish the exact same item twice?





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