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Visual Disabilities?

Question asked by Michael J Barnes on Nov 21, 2017
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I came across an issue that I think is a problem with Canvas and I wonder how to address it. 


I have a student who, due to diabetes and albinism, has severe sight impairment. Canvas can be helpful for him normally because he can increase the zoom to be able to read information. 


I was giving an anatomy test where I had uploaded graphics into a quiz.  Trying to increase the zoom on something like this, simply created pixelation, even though I'd uploaded fairly high quality PNG files into the quiz. 

It seems that if Canvas could have some type of function where a scalable graphic could be uploaded and the zoom was controlled by Canvas rather than a browser, this type of issue could be avoided.  When we are working with the office of disability services and trying to meet ADA standards, I need a way to work with the vision impaired. 


Luckily, this course met in person so I was able to print out large graphics for him to use and then email me the answers.  If this was an online course, I wouldn't have had this option. 


Is there any way to make something like this work?