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Problems with Rich Content Editor for Tables

Question asked by Mark Picus on Nov 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by Eric Werth

When I create a table, I encounter a number of strange problems:

1. If I use anything other than a 12 pt font, the words show up in the Rich Text Editor, but not in the saved version that the students will see, meaning there is NOTHING where the other font size was.

2. I can't change the width of a column, even in HTML (which I really don't want to use, since there is a RTE for me to use.)

3. I don't see any way to change the line spacing in a cell. Using Enter seems to double space, and using Shift/Enter seems to single space, and neither works well in a bulleted list.

I can get around (or ignore) these issues, but that means compromising the way I want my table to look.