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Discussion created by Nils Hjelmervik on Nov 23, 2017
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There is a lot of great tutorial videos of Canvas out there on the web (and in the community), and its easy to get up and running with basic stuff on Canvas. But sometimes its good also to have them in local language and maybe targeting some local issues. So.. I found some great videos to start this thread up. They can be just inspirational, or maybe solve a major problem you have. If you have any, pls post them - sharing is caring.


Raske tips på Canvas (UiA)

Eksempel på bruk av oppgaveverktøyet til Excel-innlevering - YouTube 

Innlevering i canvas - YouTube (HiØ)

Hvordan finne og se på innleveringer i Canvas - Speedgrader - YouTube  (HiØ)

Tilbakemelding på innleveringer i Canvas - YouTube (HiØ)