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Course Navigation - Move from Left-Side Column to Top of Page

Question asked by Veronica Thompson on Nov 28, 2017
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I'm new to the community and pretty new to Canvas. I'm an ID and I've been tasked with restructuring Canvas to make it more learner-center and user-friendly. I've learned a lot reading through these forums, and have already made several improvements to the layout based on everyone's inspired suggestions and code, so thank you so much. :-)


The question that I had was whether or not it would be possible to move the existing course-level navigation on the left side to the top of the page - so that it is always fixed horizontally (as opposed to the vertical space it's taking up now). I've attached a little snippet to show what I mean. Is it possible to place this in the "ic-app-nav-toggle-and-crumbs no-print" area?


I would like to make this a consistent change for all courses at a sub-account level. Basically, I'd love if the course-level navigation menu was always up-top and fixed.  


I really do appreciate any help I can get!


Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide. 


All the best,