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Questions about ePortfolios

Question asked by Kate Burkes on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by Kelley L. Meeusen

We are in the process of switching to Canvas, full implementation in May 2018.  We have some faculty that are interested in the ePortfolio feature build into Canvas, and we have some questions that we have not seen addressed in the documentation:


1.  Other than the student sharing the link, is there a way for admins to see what a student is storing in their ePortfolio? We are a bit concerned about our system being used for something besides educational purposes.  Is there a way to monitor this?  I tried masquerading as a student account, but could not access the ePortfolio area.


2.  We plan to tell students that their ePortfolio will remain available for two years after they leave the institution, although we realize that their access will depend on when our IT folks shut down their college account.  We are interested in what other institutions have as a policy related to retention of these portfolios.


3.  We are also wonder about  that faculty could use an ePortfolio as a 'faculty web site', to make their syllabus or other materials available to students in advance of the class being accessible.  Any experience with this application?