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Question asked by Stacy Greathouse on Nov 28, 2017
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I've registered for 3 interactive sessions in a row without a problem. This fourth one is all of a sudden giving me a mandatory password field for adobe connect and not accepting my usual one. I've tried a different date for the same interactive session with the same issue. Our institution has more than enough availability for our paid plan. 


I sent a password reset from adobe, but I don't want it to interrupt the password that I have for the Instructure events website [ ]. I would have asked at that website, but can't seem to locate the contact area. 


I appreciate  any guidance, please. 


Next stop: Feedback. I honestly loathe the difficulty of trying to manage two different sites and this 3rd party platform to locate and register for events and then attend them. I have to be the one to train faculty how to access all of this, too, and devloping the cheat sheets, including needing a second login, is ... silly, is the nice term I'll use.