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Organizing images and videos into a folder structure

Question asked by George Hatsidimitris on Nov 27, 2017
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I expect this has been covered before but I can't seem to find the topic when I do a search.

I have many images and would like to view them as thumbnails when I am editing a page, so that I can see what image I am embedding. At the moment I seem to have a choice between using the "files" menu, which will just show me filenames (albeit in the hierarchical file structure that I want) or else under the "images" menu I have all the images as thumbnails (which means scrolling and loading (multiple times) to get through the many images). Can I sort the images menu into sub-folders?


Similarly with arc videos they all seem to go into the same container, and given I am designing many courses, I can see that eventually I will be rummaging through many video thumbnails to find the right video. Can these be sorted into sub-folders?


Hope I have explained it clearly enough. I guess I am just after the normal viewing options and file structures that one is accustomed to on a PC.