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Youtube videos break when playing inline in Canvas IOS app

Question asked by Karen Dolan on Nov 30, 2017
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I'm trying to play a video inline in the Canvas IOS app (Student).  When I embed the following html code in the rich editor, html mode, and publish it, the video plays in line in the Canvas Web app. But, it will not play in line in the Canvas IOS app. It opens full screen in a native player within the Canvas IOS app. When I pink the video down to inline mode in the Canvas IOS app, non of the Youtube controls work on the video and the video image is frozen, while the audio still plays.


<p>Youtube <iframe playsinline="playsinline" src="" width="854" height="480" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p>


Please let me know how I can play the above embedded video in line within the Canvas IOS app.


Thank you,