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How to let students see the feedback for each question in quiz

Question asked by Steve Clancy on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by Eric Werth

Howdy. This may have been answered in the past, but so far I've not found an question/answer that exactly mirrors my situation, so please bear with me!


I created a short quiz earlier this year with the goal of providing separate feedback for each individual question. Using Speedgrader, I added comments for each question in the textbox below each one.  This is an example of how I added comments for  a specific question:



After about 1/3 of the students had completed the quiz, I discovered that they were unable to see these comments due to a setting that I had apparently not set correctly.


After consulting with our local Canvas support they suggested that I uncheck the "Only After Their Last Attempt" box in the "Let Students See Their Quiz Responses" section. I did that, and our support person tested it in Student View and said that students would now be able to see each of my responses. I then had to email each student and encourage them to go back and view my feedback. My feedback was the whole point of the quiz!


So if every one is following me up to this point, here are my questions.


First, is this the correct method to assure that students will be able to view my feedback?


Secondly, it seems to me that I should also check the box "Let Students See The Correct Answers."


I am appending some screenshots below to illustrate what I am referring to.


As always, thanks in advance for any guidance from the awesome folks here!


These were my initial settings.

These were my intial settings.


This is how our local Canvas support suggested I modify it


I am wondering if this need to be checked as well