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Quarter Assignments

Question asked by Melissa Checketts on Dec 4, 2017
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I don't know if this is possible, but would like to find out before I ask my IT department.  We are new to using Canvas, and so is the IT department and they don't know all the functions of how to setup Canvas yet.  We are a hybrid school that offers traditional classes as well as mastery based learning classes.  We have the grade book setup on quarters now based on the school year calendar.  It works well for our traditional classes.  But for your mastery based learning classes, they can work on the courses as fast as they want.  So some students will finish the quarter work before the quarter is finished.  Is there a way to set up quarters with certain assignments and base it on the assignments that need to be accomplished for the quarter and not what date the assignment is due?  If so, I need to know what to tell the IT department how to set it up.  I do not have rights to do this on my end.