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Turnitin Best Practice

Question asked by Colin Lowe on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by April Brown

Hi all, we're getting ready for our main rollout of Canvas in semester 1 2018, based on the pilot this year it seems there are a few issues with Turnitin (surprise surprise).  We're getting grades not always syncing back to the gradebook, in Blackboard there was a sync button but with Canvas we have to log a support call to Turnitin.  We're also having probable user issues because they can enter grades in Speedgrader and/or Turnitin, they shouldn't use both methods but it happens.


We're advised that we can set the LTI to not allow grading in Turnitin, thinking about going down this path because the number of issues we're getting with 90 pilot Canvas courses worries me given we're about to roll out nearly 2,000 in semester 1 2018.


Interested in others experience and setup for Turnitin.